Weekend o’ Random

Dearest Party Train – I know I’ve been MIA. This weekend is super random. See below:

Enchanted forest benefit at Ruta Maya. Belly Dancers, Booths, Intuitive Readings, Henna & Glitter Tattoos. Right. http://www.austinenchantedforest.com/
Guy Forsyth at Threadgills, $10
Madonna 50th Birthday sing-a-long, Alamo, through Friday: http://www.austin360.com/event/events2/etc/userEventDisplay.jspd?eventStatus=Approved&eventid=192326
Mountain Bike Racing Sem: REI, 7pm, http://www.austin360.com/event/events2/etc/userEventDisplay.jspd?eventStatus=Approved&eventid=192931
LC Rocks, 80s band, Cedar Street Courtyard, 9:30 p

Friday Night:
I haven’t seen anything super inspiring. Someone want to plan something? Or should we all head over and sing along to material girl?

Full Moon Row at Austin Rowing dock, $5 cash, starts at 8 but get there early.
Big Blues Review, Antones, http://www.austin360.com/event/events2/etc/userEventDisplay.jspd?eventStatus=Approved&eventid=193071
City Wide Garage sale through Sunday: http://www.austin360.com/event/events2/etc/userEventDisplay.jspd?eventStatus=Approved&eventid=193720
Austin Farmers Market: http://www.austin360.com/event/events2/etc/userEventDisplay.jspd?eventStatus=Approved&eventid=80843

Guy Forsyth at Nutty Brown Café
Chicken Sh*t Bingo at Ginnys Little Longhorn
All day sushi Happy Hour at Sushi Kyu


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