Happy 2009

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had as much fun as I did last night… and remembers aforementioned fun.

Sad: lost a lot of cultural icons this year. Eartha, Bettie, Carlin, Newman, Pollack: http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/12/15/yir.2008.passages/index.html
Bad: Double Toilet. I’m not kidding. Saves water and the upgraded version comes with an ipod docking station. One hyphenated word: over-sharing. http://www.wiserep.com/productDetails.php?id=5769
Rad: Joint birthday parties! Calysta and I are joining forces this year for the 2nd annual inappropriate t shirt party on January 17th. I am giving you ample warning so you can scour the stores for the most offensive/naughty/funny t shirt you can find. We are in the process of deciding which particular establishment/dive bar/hole in the wall to have this party at and you’ll receive an evite. Most inappropriate wins a delicious jaeger bomb or equally offensive shot of choice.

Yours in hangovers and hallelujahs,



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