Choo Choo: Free Week, Batman Ratings and Elvis, Long May He Reign

The tren de fiesta has resumed and I’ve added a couple cars. Meaning this is incredibly long.

A. Thanks to everyone who came to the NYE party. What a freaking blast. If you have pictures, destroy immediately. Also, this. What idiots. New years eve fail:
B. I know I haven’t sent out the evite for the inappropriate t shirt party yet. Still figuring out where to have it. I think Rio Rita is the frontrunner. My tardiness doesn’t excuse you from not having a completely offensive t shirt however. Get shoppin’! tshirt hell has some good ones or make your own at
C. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I feel infinitely loved and popular, something which my inner-debate-nerd relishes
D. There is a ton of stuff going on for Free Week. I love you but I cannot be bothered to list them all out. Here is The List.
E. I have decided to start a rating system. Based on some new years eve activities, and because batman is awesome in general, things will be assigned a batman rating. Robin counts as a half. I know, I know. Poor guy always gets the shaft. In the future, these will be represented by graphics for a more visually pleasing effect.
a. This weekend’s new stuff: Monster big band gets 4 batmans, ruta maya gets 3 (high prices on crap wine), poodle dog gets 3 and a robin (smoke and horrific band being the reason for my ambivalence but digging the bring your own liquor and shuffleboard), bagpipes gets 3 and a robin (good food, cheap cheap drinks, hot guys, close to my place but supporting chicks in tiny plaid skirts, eh), Mikado gets four and a robin because of their delicious affordable sushi, Sagra gets 3 batmans (food good, atmosphere cozy but even the 75 cent mimosas don’t make up for a long wait and having to ask multiple times for salad dressing) and Vino Vino gets 3 batmans and a robin (GREAT mussels and fries appetizer, weird semi unfriendly servers, cold-ish atmosphere. Although we were allowed in in our gym clothes. Hmm maybe 4 batmans)
F. Resolutions stuff: Ballet Austin has amazing classes, including pilates and a broadway dance fit class, Zooma training kick off
G. Speaking of broadway, Broadway across America has a myriad of fabulous shows this year. Wicket, Rent, Mamma Mia, Spamalot… wait what? J

Yours in budgeting and ellipticals,

Upcoming concerts:
Patty Griffin, 1/22, frontgate tickets
los campesinos, 1/30, the parish
tapes and tapes, 1/29, the parish
north mississippi allstars, 1/16-17, antones
gary clark jr, 1/24, antones
ruthie foster, 2/3, antones
susan tedeschi, 2/7, LZR

Monday, 1/5
Recurring: sushi and karaoke at dks sushi. supposed to be hilarious
Recurring: pint night at ginger man. buy a pint, keep the glass
Recurring: rio rita. love and a 45 record player party. bring your own record — spin up three tunes
Fiesta Game watch: Ohio State Alums, Sams Boat *

Tuesday 1/6
Patrice Pike at MoMos
Austin blues society jam, malford milligan farewell, antones *
Leadership Austin’s Engage Speaker Series : Tuesday, Jan 6 2009 – 7:30am – Tuesday, Jan 6 2009 – 9:00am

Wednesday 1/7
Tia Carerra, Mohawk

Thursday 1/8
Elvis Presley’s Birthday Sing-Along at Alamo Drafthouse Downtown 7pm, $12
First Thursdays (was postponed a week) *Dependent on Weather*

Friday 1/9
Jerry Jeff Walker, one world theater

Saturday 1/10
carolyn wonderland, Saxon Pub
Seth Walker, Momos
junior brown, antoes
ELVIS SHOW, Tribute To The King: Early Show – Doors @ 6:30, show @7pm, Late Show – Doors @10, Show @ 10:30pm**
Foot Patrol, Big Mess (devo), Baby Got Bacteria at Room 710

Sunday 1/11
Chicken shit bingo, ginnys
Second sunday sock hop, parish
January beer tasting, gingerman,
Vino Vino Paella Sundays. $15 for a huge plate (meat or seafood)


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