Choo Choo Round 1: Free Coffee, Free Exercise Classes and a Monster Truck Rally

Hello my favorite train tramps:

Sorry I’ve been so busy this week. Apparently sometimes people require you to do something other than send inane personal emails and play bejeweled all day. I really don’t see why working is so trendy. Since you’ve been desperately awaiting this edition of el tren de fiesta, you are getting TWO trains today. I will send the actual list of “around town” next as its on my laptop and currently inaccessible. The below is funny and wacky and mostly helpful.

Must Knows —

· Gristmill has shared their famous tomatillo chicken recipe with the world. I have dreams about this chicken. Well, not really. That would be seriously disturbing. But its really good. See attached.
· Anyone interested in doing the Great Urban Race? What I lack in athleticism, I more than make up for with… um, hmm. Being funny? Yeah. That’s it.
· As if I needed another reason for leaving the Midwest as soon as humanly possible, Bloomfield man grows out eyebrows to more than three inches and people pay a charity to snip them. Truly foul.
· Wont you be my neighbor? Save a dime by borrowing, and make a dime by sharing. From tablesaws and weed-wackers to camping lanterns and bike racks, just post it online and let the community work for you.
· Paris Hilton’s My New BFF 2 is casting now. The ad actually says, “Doron Ofir Casting is enlisting only the “Hottest Bitches” and the most “Fabulously Fierce Guys” who are at least the age of 21 and appear under 30”. Relatedly, if you do this, I hope you trip over your stilettos and fall into the teeth of the girl you were going to fake kiss to be “hot” for Paris.
· Volunteer at the long center and see shows for free! You have to attend a Customer Service Training. Email this girl for details:
· Free McDonalds coffee for all of February. Get a Free Medium premium roast coffee or vanilla, hazelnut or regular iced coffee between 5-9 am all month in February. Valid only at participating locations. Only one item per person per visit. Offer good February 1 – 28.
· Adult Education: Beer Classes at NXNW:
· Monster truck rally sat and sun. Right.
· Where to Eat and Drink and Be Thursday:
· Free Exercise stuff:
o Under the Bridge: Test your endurance during the monthly boot camp hosted by Crossfit. Meet beneath the MoPac bridge on Town Lake near Austin High School and let the trainers take you through an hour long intro course on how the typical boot camps run. The next workout is Saturday, January 31st, at 8:30 a.m. Don’t miss it!
o Yogi Freebie: Make a B-line to Yoga Vida and sweat off your work week during the free hour-long, heated yoga class every Friday night at 6:30 p.m. The class gets packed
o Light as a Feather, Stiffen your Core: Jack and Adams. Held on Monday and Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. (give or take a 10 minute lag time), you’ll do a mix of planks, push-ups and crunches that will leave you crying
· New Adventures:
o Make your own bloody at Cover 3: Worth it at $4 for a Smirnoff Bloody. Good mixes and cocktail shrimp, asparagus and various peppers as garnishes. The appetizers were really delicious and I’d go again.
o Nomad: At first I thought I had found a little piece of heaven on 53rd street. Modern, funky, all kinds of international liquors (think turkey, mayan mexico, Greece, etc) but then the food took forever and we met total tools. On the plus side, they have wifi and a nice sunny bar. Also dollar tecates on Monday
o McCormick and Schmicks: ok, ok not a NEW Adventure but I was NEWly reminded of their incredible happy hour. $1 – $4 appetizers which include garlicky sweet potato fries, crab claws, ceviche and some fab sangria.
o Tierra Linda: Little taqueria inside a shell station off of 183. This ladies make incredibly breakfast tacos. Get them in corn and your coworkers will love you no matter if you’re inadvertently late to their meetings.
Yours in bulleted lists and overly colorful powerpoints,


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