Full Speed Ahead: Valentine’s Day Fail & Sweethearts Barn Dance

Hello Party Planners – Hope you had a wonderful weekend and lots of plans for the upcoming no-pressure Feb 14th 🙂

Two quick “fond” valentine’s memories. The first valentines day I remember was as a 6th grader. Blew my hair out, wore makeup, donned what my mother assured me was a valentines dance appropriate outfit, and had a little red purse to match. When I arrived at said dance – in a blocked red and white long t shirt, red stirrup stretchy pants, and red payless flats – I realized my huge error. Updos and green velvet dresses were the theme of the night. I think I spent the better part of that dance running to and from the bathroom to avoid the “lady in red” and “the way you look tonight”’ no-dance-partner-awkwardness. (Mom – Don’t worry, it didn’t scar me for life. It built character, that’s all)

Another Valentine’s Day fail was of the collegiate variety. My friend Amanda dated this guy named Joe. I was living with 4 other girls at the time and we got all giggly and excited and sent her off to her valentine looking gorgeous. She came home, 2 hours later, sat on our counter and began to cry hysterically. Apparently Joe took her to chilis, they had to eat in the bar, and then gave (my 100 lb friend) an extra large bathrobe so she could be “comfortable”. The story turns out that they don’t stay together. I’m sure that’s a huge surprise for everyone.

So here’s to Valentine’s day, or Singles Awareness Day, or “the corporately funded blackmail day”. May yours be less painful than a junior high dance and more romantic than eating southwestern eggrolls at Chilis bar.

Yours in the eternal search for the perfect red dress,

If you are single, enjoy your stress free night! Or if you’d like to try and find a date for the next one, valentines singles mingle, Hula Hut, http://www.967kissfm.com/cc-common/mainheadlines3.html?feed=247562&article=4930434
If you need to send a card that says, “I love you enough to potentially be a stalker”, the site for you: http://www.someecards.com/upload/valentine_s_day/index.html?ep=30
If you’re disturbed enough to call VDay happy SAD day, http://www.meish.org/vd/
If you need something special to do on Valentines, well, you’re probably hosed but just in case: http://www.austinchronicle.com/gyrobase/Issue/story?oid=oid%3A195989.

New Adventures:
· Peche – Adult milkshakes totally live up to the hype. I don’t even like milkshakes that much. Brandy Alexander is definitely a fave. Fries with aioli and sandwich with fried egg on top is also a heartattack worthy yum yum
· South Congress “the 04 bar”– cheap drinks, dirty old men. I don’t have much else to say except the bathroom is huge.
· The Good Knight – Expected this to be a dive bar, turns out it’s a restaurant by owners of Chez Nous. Food was great – had fried tomatoes which were thick, red and green and fabulous and a carmelized onion pizza. House bloody is strangely delicious – made with wasabi and other randomness – but it might be an acquired taste. Split a meal and then walk next door to Rio Rita and play some clue 🙂

To Do List: —————–
Andrew Bird, 5:00pm, Waterloo Records & Videos
Cienfuegos,7:30pm, Ruta Maya
Duncan Sheik, 7p&9:30p, One World Theatre $20-$40
Guy Forsyth, 6:30pm, Continental Club, $5 Cover
James Mcmurtry & The Heartless, 12:00am, continental Club, $7
Afrofreque, One Step Program, The Cocker Spaniels at Red 7
The Asylum Street Spankers(8), Dan Dyer(10) @ Momo’s
Streetlight Manifesto, Aws, The Swellers, The Stitch Up (outside) at Emo’s
Singles Event at Whole Foods Market Downtown 6-8pm, Free
free In Lounge: Old School Hip Hop with $get Money Brothaz$ (mike Weibe &, Jeremy) at Red 7
Streetlight Manifesto, Aws, The Swellers, The Stitch Up , emos
Love Bites: The Power Ballad Sing-Along , Alamo Drafthouse, through 2/19
The Flying Saucer’s Annual Valentine’s Day Glass Night

Alejandro Escovedo, 8:00pm, Cactus Cafe, The$20 Cover
Patric Pike & Joy Davis 8:00pmsaxon Pub, The $8 Cover
Hillgrass Bluebilly Presents: Reverend Peytons Big Damn Band, Possessed By Paul James, Tom Vandenavond (inside) at Emo’s
Andrew Bird, 8 pm, paramount theater

Alejandro Escovedo, 9:00pm, Cactus Cafe, $20
Black And White Years, 9:00pm, La Zona Rosa
Delbert Mcclintonn, Gruene Hall
Eric Tessmer 10:00pm, One-2-One Bar$?
Marcia Ball’s 60th Birthday Bash 8:00pmantone’s Night Club$35-$100
Wade Browen10:00pmmidnight Rodeo $12 Cover
Dirtiest Comedy Competition &, Blue Ball with Magnifico + DJ Manateeman at Scoot Inn [+gcal] [map]
Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular, 8 pm, Austin Music Hall
Circus Oz, Bass Concert, Astounding feats, serious fun, and Australian humor for audiences of all ages! Celebrate Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day at the Bass with Melbourne’s acclaimed rock-n-roll, animal free circus that delivers breathtaking agility, death-defying stunts, awe-inspiring acrobatic performances, irreverent comedy and a spectacular live band.

Guy Forsyth, Love & Lust Revue, 10:00pm, Lambert’s $15
Hayes Carll, 8:00pm,Saxon Pub, $35 Cover *
Seth Walker,10:00pm,Continental Club$10
Terri Hendrix(Valentine’s Soiree) ,8:30pm, Cactus Cafe, $20 Cover
Texas Roller Girls DJ Night DJ Radioactive and DJ Dilla at Red 7
Car Stereo (wars) Valentines Prom Party with T-bird and The Breaks at Beauty Bar **
The Fuzz Club Love-in with Forever Changes, DJ Sue, &, DJ Super K at Scoot Inn,”Sixties Beat ‘n’ Garage Rave Up 2nd Sat. of Every Month!”
Candlelight Dinner at Taste Select Wines $40, 5pm-Midnight [+gcal] [map]

The Brew, 7:00pm, Jovita’s, $5 Cover
Hayes Carll 3:00pmsaxon Pub, The $35 Cover
Barn Dance! Leanne Athertons House – FMBD.com

Bob Schneider’s Lonelyland 8:30pmsaxon Pub, The $10 Cover

Gran Centario tequila dinner at ztejas.


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