Party Part II: Food trends that disturb and delight

Three events that I missed: Gruene market days, 3rd full weekend of every month (this weekend) is a fun little trip to make on Sundays. Gruene hall is bound to have music to round out your Texas hill country trip. Secondly, Shangri La is having a special edition sock hop with the Hot 8 brass band. They take new hip hop tunes and turn them into brass band stylin’s. Saturday night What Made Milwaukee Famous is playing at the Warehouse at 2943 E 12th St. And now for the good stuff. You thought Friday was boring until you were introduced to the double meat pizza cheeseburger…

· New national condiment?
· Why people have heartattacks before 50:

· Chowhound blog on best tacos: Mi ranchito is the place to go. They have sincronizadas, huge tacos that I’ve only found in South Texas. You can bet I’ll be making a trip down there.
· New Spanish restaurant: I was never a huge fan of Malaga. This place is cheaper and has a better variety. Apparently their happy hour is $1 off wines, off wells, domestic beers and tapas. Starts 3 – 7 and on Thursdays, 5-8, they have $1 margaritas.
· Sullivan’s steakhouse is trying to compete for happy hour. Half-price bar entrees, half-price cigars, $5 martinis in all colors of the rainbow

Random Friday Fun:
· Generate your own concert ticket: Don’t ask me why it’s cool, it just is and I bet it comes in handy. Drop hints about that surprise concert you’re taking her to without actually giving away the secret.
· 20% off space solutions at the Container Store:

Yours in being disturbingly delighted,


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