Train Delay: Free Things, Cheap Food & Fun Stuff

Hi Darlings –

I’m relatively sure that I won’t have time to put together a train this week. Lots of show choir every single day. First Thursdays is this week. Here are some things to entertain you while I’m singing show tunes.

Reminder if you’re coming to the show, buy your tickets in advance on or volunteer to usher with

for free. Apparently tickets are selling faster this year. I’m sure this is directly attributable to the number of family members that insist on coming to see/embarrass me. If you’re thinking of coming Sunday, that’s when they truck the nursing homes in – apparently our target audience. You think I’m kidding. You’ll also think I’m kidding when I tell you we wrap the microphone packs in a maxi pad and a rubber glove to keep them dry. There are so many jokes there it’s just not fair.

Yours in “I am so f$*!$# tired of ABBA & Bohemian Rhapsody”,

New Adventures:
· Hoodys Subs, Round Rock: Delicious Phillies & tastycakes for you Delaware/PA people
· The Bazaar Backstage: Giving Lucy in Disguise a run for its money. On East riverside.
· Third Base Round Rock: New for me, avoided b/c the one in Austin is so crowded and blech. This one wasn’t terrible. Still a little weird to get around but lots more space & decent HH Specials found

· Spike & Mike’s sick and twisted: not as good as past years, according to veterans, but you can drink liquor and be completely appalled by cartoon gruesomeness.
· Kona Grill for Lunch – Really reasonable and delicious. Service was fast and the lunch combo was 8 pieces sushi/salad for 8.95
· Roys Hawaiian Fusion: Didn’t eat there but my friends were. Food looked amazing and they will reserve a side area for you if you have a large party AND add your name to the menu for Happy Birthday (HeatherJ)

Free thing, Cheap Food, & Fun Stuff:
· McDonalds has $.49 Hamburger & $.59 Cheeseburger every Friday March 06 – April 24, 2009, no doubt to tempt you away from your lenten no meat Fridays.
· REI Members: REI has a coupon for 20% off one full priced item. You must be an REI co-op member to use it, the code is “MEMSAVE”.For those non-members, you can try “MGKJH2” for 15% off one full priced item.
· Free Movies at Redbox: Every Wednesday in March. Visit redblog every Wednesday in March for your Free Movie Wednesday code.
PDF Converter is an easy-to-use software for converting a PDF document to an MS Word (RTF) document, HTML file, plain text, images (TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, EMF) or SWF file.
· 20% off Books at Borders:
· Weirdest Album Covers:
· For those who love to eat: 3 and 4 course meals at austin’s nicest restaurants for $25 & $35. Some of the money goes to benefit the Food Bank. Do good, eat good.
· All of you know I am passionate about finding the best happy hours. Well check this out. It’s nothing short of amazing. This person is so many levels above me….
o Part 1:
o Part 2:
· Make your own Album Cover:
1. click The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
2. Click The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
3. Click Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
4. Use powerpoint or similar to put it all together.
· Best SXSW Scheduler EVER is up: Also, find the torrent of MP3s is available for this year:


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