Men of the Party Train: Testosterone Fest

Hello Gents –

 I know some of the things I list on the PT are lady centric so I found something special for you. Enjoy 🙂

The Texas Testosterone Festival is the region’s most entertaining and exciting showcase of all things manly, extreme and adrenaline-pumping. Hosted in Austin at the Palmer Events Center August 15-16, 2009, the Festival relishes in what guys love: sports, trucks, bikes, fantasy football, ultimate fighting, fitness, gaming, grappling, poker, tattoos, spectacular demonstrations, live shows and more.


Tickets to the August 15-16, 2009 event go on sale soon. For more information, please visit and sign up to the Festival Newsletter for announcements.


And they need volunteers!


The Texas Testosterone Festival has lots of volunteer opportunities. Interested in event production? marketing? sales? just want to have your picture taken with beautiful girls in bikinis all day?

We can help make your dreams come true. But really, please call us today. (512) 226-3964.


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