Party Train: Outdoor Movies, Fashion & Johnny Cash Tribute Band

Early this week but I wound up with a free night!  This week is a weird mix of everything you could ever want – Blues, Johnny Cash, The best of the Jackson 5 & traditional irish tunes.  Vodka fest, free sushi, pizza and barbecue. Film Noir and the breakfast club, blogging meet ups and “finding your center”.  Before any of that, this:

Since it’s early, I will definitely have to update as the event emails come rolling in. Check back often! Send me stuff you think is cool –Updated “Upcoming” too!

Yours in making the most of the rest of the summer,



Free and Cheap: 

  • Sinsations is moving. Everything is on sale until the end of the month 
  • Michael’s 50% off:
  • Are you a teacher? 20% off charming charlies: here
  • Course materials from over 1900 MIT classes: Get Smart


  • Asia Market : AMAZING. Get the spicy fish. Its a fabulous totally authentic cafe in the back of a market, much like teji
  • Baby As: Their famous soup is just really good. The rest of it mediocre. I do find myself drawn to the purples even with their $8 price tag
  • Momos: Hot and unorganized, lots of people there for a Sunday but not sure that I’ll be back when its still 100 degrees outside
  • Katz: Really enjoyed my buffalo chicken salad. A little pricey but the convenience factor is huge when you’re upstairs at momos

 Check out

  • His & Hers night at Red Shed Tavern: Best of brit pop
  • Vino Vino: Go get half price appetizers during happy hour (the mussels are amazing!!!)
  • Black Monday Happy Hour, with black and white classic film noirs kicking off around 5 p.m. Shangrila 

To do:

Tuesday 08/25/09

Wednesday 08/26/09 

Thursday 08/27/09 

 Friday 08/28/09

 Saturday 08/29/09 

  • First Saturday:  monthly beer tasting and tour you’ll find at Independence Brewing. Sample staples from the brewery and the newest additions, and tour the facilities while you learn about the process.
  • Sugar Mama’s Bakery birthday and there will be food and cupcakes and ice cream and vodka and pie eating and fun and tigers and bears, oh my.
  • I am beyond excited about this Lush launch party.
  • A yard sale and BBQ to raise funds for a computer lab at Space12, a community space/center in East Austin.  Space12 is hosting a yard sale and BBQ to benefit the East Austin neighborhood computer project. 
  • ALICE ROSE 8:45pmLa Zona Rosa
  • Del Castillo  5pm door Nutty Brown Cafe 
  • Eric Johnson & Alien Love Child 9:00pmBackyard, The – Tim’s Porch
  • Fingaar Bangaar and WoodgrainMohawk, The
  • GRIMY STYLES  9:00pmFlamingo Cantina  $5 cover /18+
  • Mingo Fishtrap6:30pmCentral Market Cafe, N. Lamar
  • Mock Tigers2pm-2am  Hole in the Wall All day
  • Stella Rose8:45pmLa Zona Rosa
  • Stereo Is A Lie  8:45pmLa Zona Rosa
  • Susan Cowsill Band  8:00pmSaxon Pub$10 cover Covered In Vinyl — The Jackson 5 Greatest Hits (Motown 1971)
  • Suzanna Choffel 10:00pmMomo’s Club $10 cover Momo’s 9th Anniversary showcase
  • SwordMohawk, The
  • Walt Wilkins and The Mystiqueros8pm door Cheatham Street Warehouse San Marcos 
  • Hole in the Wall All day festival
  • Art Alliance Austin presents: Art + Style at AMLI Poolside Fashion Show, 6-9pm, $25
  • Champagne and Cupcakes at Cru: A Wine Bar 2-4pm, $15

 Sunday 08/30/09 


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