This Is Austin: Billy Ocean Pub Crawl, Patty Griffin & Zombie Rights

Its the start of another weekend! Like you havent been out every night this week anyway, you’ve got a bevy of beautiful options for this weekend as well.  Soul Nights, Guy Forsyth, Billy Ocean Bar Crawl, Patty Griffin, Depeche Mode Tribute, The Scabs, Eliza, Eric, Soul Track, Biscuit Brothers, local food tasting soiree and of course, a zombie rights rally. Do i need to say it? PEOPLE WATCHING!

Before you go off and get crazy, here are a couple of things that will facilitate time wasting:

 Hang in there.. just a day and a half until its socially acceptable to start drinking.  One more piece of business — my twitter will soon be @AusPartyTrain.  Damn the character limit!

Yours in new adventures,


Haiti Relief Efforts:

Free and Cheap


To Check Out

To Do





  •  Anvil (VH1 Classic Presents) 7pm door Emo’s
  • Jazz Band 6:00pm Elephant Room
  •  Bruce James Soultet 10:00pm Continental Club Gallery
  •  Chaparral 10:00pm Continental Club  $5  
  •  Love At War  8:30pm Saxon Pub  $10

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One response to “This Is Austin: Billy Ocean Pub Crawl, Patty Griffin & Zombie Rights

  1. Sahara Smith plays on:

    Monday, January 25TH at 7:00 at the Saxon Pub, followed by Bob Schneider at 8:30.

    This can be confirmed on Sahara’s website:

    As well as the Saxon Pub’s website:

    This Show ALWAYS sells out, so do yourself a favor and come early!

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