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Austin Party Train: So Long, Farewell

As you all probably figured out, the party train is no longer until work slows down or I speed up. If the latter happens my head might explode. This weekly newsletter has kind of replaced it although its not as events based. I send it out every Wednesday and is based around places and user reviews:

Here are the resources that I used to put the train together. Not a comprehensive list because of course, so many things are just one off emails or items that “came across my desk” but something to get you started:

Rare magazine
Hollys hot happenings

Funny stuff:


Here are some more groupon-esque deal sites:
Living Social:
The Lunch Deal:
eDeal Tickets:
365 Things to Do in Austin:
Morgan’s Deals:

Soon-to-be launching:
Buy With Me:
Deals in Austin:

I really loved doing the party train and if I get some time, I’ll resume. Sad not to be writing it any longer and communicating with you guys regularly, albeit through a mass email.  I’ll probably send you Yelp promotions, like Yelp Eats, our version of ARW: because they’re cool and fun. You can also find me on twitter @yelpaustin and @auspartytrain.

Reach out to me whenever – I still know what’s happening around town, only now its a function of my job 🙂

Yours in the ending of an era, or at least a blog,


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