I’m Normal


The question I get pretty often is… who is insane enough to compile all this, ahem, stuff on a weekly basis? Hi! That’s me! 

I grew up in a small town near the border where the culinary options were comprised of mexican food & chinese buffets, the biggest event in town is a friday night football game and even at the legal drinking age we were relegated to places like Chilis.  Tragic but true. So, living in a city like Austin has afforded me many (too many?) opportunities to enjoy different food, drink, events, horizon expanding craziness. (No, I am not talking about drugs.)

I started the “party train” for myself really… then I started sending it to friends… and then friends’ friends… and it became quickly obvious that I should turn it into a blog. So, there you have it. And here you have it. What I think is cool, fabulous, weird, funny, fun and definitely worth checking out in this littlebigtown of ours.

Things I like: Adventures! Discovering new bars and bands and restaurants, planning events, spontaneous fun, road trips, kayaking, camping, fishing, festivals, live music, fireplaces, Notre Dame football, travelling, dancing, reading, exotic foods, cookbooks and cooking, red toenail polish, biking, craigslist, sending birthday packages, huge bathtubs, sleeping in late, walking to breakfast on sunday morning, laying in my pool, dying my hair various colors, big colorful art, my fab job, the blues, berry mojitos, sparkly flip flops, soft rock, mcdonalds nuggets, river floatin, random “austin” events like barn dances, chicken sh!t bingo and second sunday sock hops.

You can also find me on Twitter & Yelp. Albeit I am a lot more active on the latter than the former. I love feedback — comments and questions are always welcome. And of course, if you’ve got some fabulous tip on an event, let me know.


4 responses to “I’m Normal

  1. Hey

    I’m a booking agent/manager/event coordinator based here in Austin.

    How can I let you know about upcoming gigs.

    Would love to hear from you…

    Will have the Spring Fling Music Festival 3/17 – 3/21 @ Giddy Ups with 65 bands in these 5 crazy days…



  2. Jayebird

    I think you are groovy.

  3. Kelly,

    You are NOT normal and I love it. Congratulations on your success and the many more to come your way.


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